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Chrome painting - Chrome Style - Chrome painting-hydrocrome-silver-nitrate system

Complicated items that cannot be chromed properly?

Not a problem anymore with CHROME STYLE!

Silver nitrite sediment technology

The expense with the Chrome technology is considerably lower, 

than the money spent on regular chroming.


The colors are already in! Let it chrome, let it colorful!



The Chrome process is as easy as 1 X 1.


This revolutionary new chroming process provides You the lasting coating that appears silver.

The unique process doubles the appearance and mood of the real chrome appearance, in gold, copper or even reflective colour style.

The strength of Chrome Style technology is that it won't produce strong pollutants by liquids or gasses unlike traditional galvanizing technologies that cannot avoid these. The Chrome Style technique changes the ordinary vacuum galvanizing technology, that potentionaly produces high rate of faulty items therefore a very expensive process.


According to the tests only 10-15% dulling!!!

The chrome spray (CHROME STYLE) based on chrome technology is a frightening alternative to traditional chroming.

                      See our sticking test.                                    Chroming of a football



  • Inside furnitures - kitchen, bathroom, bathroom equipment, sinks and toilets, chairs and tables.
  • Often used inner items - instruments, toys.
  • Floor and wall coverages
  • Interior Decoration Clubs, including speakers and DJ booths
  • Outer usage, for example statues
  • Vehicles: alloy wheels, rims


If you decide you wish to chrome your item with traditional methods, then you send it to a company that deals with this delicate procedure. Traditional chroming is highly regulated, because toxic chemicals, acids are being produced during the process. Chroming needs special legal steppes, so the toxic wastes will be handled properly, shouldn't be thrown out because of the environment.

Traditional chroming is also not this good, because it takes too much time and also more expensive. Since you need to send the item to the company it adds one more week to the project time. In the end it is also much more expensive than Chrome Style. Also the traditional chroming is not suited for chroming different materials, has a limited usage and limited by size.


CHROME STYLE is significantly cheaper, while providing the same excellent quality result and long lasting shine. It can be also used on the site, so you don't have to send the item away for choming. This provides you an advantage to spare time, so your project will be ready sooner. You can spray the Chrome Style to almost anything, including: glass, wood, plastic, metal...etc. Takes less steppes to carry out the process and all steppes are easily done. The finished project will have a thicker cover and is more resistant to scratches and environmental effects. It is not limited by size, making it much more flexible.

Traditional galvanization vs. Chrome Style Technology


Traditional galvanization

Chrome Style    

Environment protection

Three types of crucial waste produced: waste water, gas and leftover heavy metal


No gas, no heavy metal

Investment costs

At least 50.000.000 Ft investment cost for the galvanizing equipment, and it still doesn't involves the water-cleaning equipment

The Chrome Style coating technology has a minimal investment cost compared to the traditional chroming method

Production costs


Depends on the price of silver nitrate, but always lower than traditional chroming

Color variations

Chrome, nikkel or gold

Various colours

Chemical recycling



Usable materials

Fém, ABS

Mindenféle anyag

Size and shape limitation

Limited Not limited


Small size or colorful mixture


Not possible



(For eg.: conductor layers)


Not necessary


Health risks


Appearance in the Cancerous or potentialy cancerous chemicals: - National Toxikology program: No
I.ARC Monográfy: No 
Emergency and first aid actions:
Ingestion: If the injured is conscious he/she should drink salt water and/or milk and then he should vomit. Extremly toxic. Call a doctor immediately.

Inhalation: Should be taken to fresh air. If the breathing stops or heavy, artificial respiration is needed or should given oxigen if necessary. Call a doctor immediately.

Skin: Wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Remove the conteminated cloth. The material, that reaches the skin through cracks cannot be treated or removed. The pigmentation should be treated at all times.

Contact with the eye: Wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes.


The product has an european license! According to the 453/2010 EK, 1907/2006 EK (REACH) and 1272/2008 EK decrees (CLP-GHS).


Chrome STYLE can be used almost anywhere. You can apply it to chromed wheels, bumpers and equipments in vehicles. Some people love chroming on their whole car - where it is legal. Artists and sculptor love it too. You can apply the technology on the glass frames or almost any surface.

Why use the Chrome Style technology? Shortly, it is good for the environment, despite providing the same appearance as traditional chroming. You can use it on site, cheaper and more versatile. Order Chrome Stlye now on our website!



Why the Chrome Style?

Not getting yellow because of the sun.
Depending on the final layer (depends on the lacque) never gets coloured because of the sun, doesn't get yellow.

Perfect sticking

The base layer does not need to be dried too much, there is no danger of losing the stickiness.


Continous support

Our policy is to provide maximal support to all our partners.

Chemicals for long and stable storing

Chrome Style chemicals are lasting.


We provide training curse to our partners.


Basics in the chroming technology process

Three layers used for coating:

  1. Primer (base layer) 
    dual-component coverage to achieve a smooth surface that can reach chemically to the middle layer.
  2. Middle layer
    usage is a multi-level process  a;) activator, b;) rinse with distilled water, c;) the coverage d;) rinse with distilled water, e;) drying with compressed air.
  3. Upper layer
    The upper layer can be any colour, as the customer wishes.


The Chrome technology has been successfuly used:

  • Chrome rims
  • tool clusters
  • gears
  • door handles
  • doorknobs
  • antennas
  • grids
  • emblems
  • wheels
  • button assemlies
  • wheel trims
  • doorstill coverage
  • oil tray
  • Battery coverage
  • hinges
  • engine holders
  • intake manifolds
  • air intakes
  • generators
  • water pumps
  • stabilazer rods


You need to know before you start!

1. Always wear protective rubber gloves during the process.

2. TEST! Try a little sample to avoid compications.

3. Keep it room temperature.

In case you use paint spray:


Type of power supply


Optimal pressure (bar / psi) 


Sample (cm)


air consumption


Size of blower (mm)


Air intake

1/4 (BSP / NPT / NPS)



The chrome coverage takes four levels on almost any surface:

1. step: base layer and drying. 
2. step: Spraying: activator. 
3. step: Covering and drying. 
4. step: Upper layer and drying then the wanted colour.


People love a shiny and bright chrome appearance in all around them. The mirror-like appearance provides a chrome-like feeling. Sadly, traditional chroming is very expensive. The Chrome Style provided by Chrome Style technology solves these problems.

The Chrome Style is very versitale. Can be used almost anywhere what can be imagined and sticks to almost any surface. Can be made in various bright colours. Can be applied by a simple pump-operated spray and doesn't need toxic acid bath, as traditional chroming doeas. If you like chrome appearance, then Chrome Style is a great alternative for you. 

Frequently used:

  • Arts
  • Vehicle equipment stores
  • Designers
  • Hobbi users
  • Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle stores


  • For everything!
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
There are many reasons why CHROME STYLE (Hydrochrome) technology is better choice against traditional chroming:

● More durable and lasting than other spray paintings
● Gives a bright, shiny look, just like chroming
● Can be used on any size
● Obtainable in different colours
● Can be used on the site
● Considerable time and expense saving
● Resistant to weather
● Doesn't need risky acid bath like traditional chroming


This is not chrome. Instead this is a cheap silver nitrate based technology. A traditional chrome paint gets dull and comes off in a few months. the Chrome Style technology is very durable and lasting, provides appropriate thickness and resistant to corrosion, bruises while keeping its spectacular appearance.




What is the difference between Chrome Style and a traditional Metal paint?

Chrome Style is not a paint, altough used similary. The Chrome Style places a metal silver nitrate layer on the surface of the item. As a result it looks like being chromed, not just painted. It is a reflectant, and shines like a mirror. Much more durable and lasting than paint and doesn't get dull or foggy with time.


Is Chrome a conductor?

Yes, Chrome coverage is made of real metal, so in theory it is a conductor, like every metal. However the purpose of Chrome is decoration. Thus it cannot replace galvanization and won't help any way in this subject.


What equipment do I need?

For the application of the base paint and the covering traditional painting equipment should be used, including: clean room, HVLP paintspray gun (or our equipment) one compressor. For your safety you should use protective clothing, including gasmask and gloves during all steppes of the process.



How expensive is Chrome, comparing traditional techniques?

Expenses are lower at Chrome technology than at traditional chroming.


Preparing the solutions

The instructions for Chrome Style were effective for all the different surfaces.



Chrome Style chemical technology is very sensitive to cross-contamination. In order to avoid cross-contamination, it is important to label all bottle or measuring equipment, what kind of chemical you kept in them and if possible, always use the same. All the cups and bottles should be used for that same chemical. Wash all cups and bottles with distilled water after usage.

Only mix the amount of materials to the spray what we need for the daily job. The tubes should be washed with distilled water after the work, every day (whole system).

With CHROME STYLE method it is easy and fast to chrome any paintable item in your garage or in the garden without any special equipment or with a spraying machine.

The chroming consists of easy steppes to follow. There are no dangerous chemical reactions (the chemical is not on the list of cancerous materials and does not contain heavy metals). 

Doable on any kind of surface if it is properly prepared (cleaning, degreasing, burnishing, if necessary)

The proper basic:

In order to have an efficent reaction of the silver it is important for the circumstances to be as close to the standards as close as possible: Temperature of the environment in the workhop, the chromable item, the mixture (water+item) to be over 20°C.


If the temperature is under 15°C, the reaction is slower and not giving the proper result. The higher the temperature, the better the result, and lower the amount of material used.

- Bottles need to be perfectly clear. Do not use the same bottle for different liquids. 
- Prepare all the needed materials, items. The different steps are needed to be done one after another without break!
- Don't put too much liquid into the spraying container. The more liquid is in the container, the lower the strenght of the spray.

- Use protective goggles at every step, and be careful not to let the chemical into your eyes!

- The applying of the basic layer and the final layer should be outside or in a good ventillating room.


Here are the detailed instructions:


 Hydro chrome-Chrome Style

When finished the end result looks just like super shiny chrome!
Metal pigmentates on a molecular level thus achieving an extraordenary coverage.
Many surfaces to use: Wood, metal, plastic, glassfiber...etc.
Astonishing! You have to see it and rate it! Heat resistant for 180°C 




  What is spray chrome galvanization?


Chrome style is a mixture of painting and galvanization, that allows us to cover anything with glass-like chrome layer, from metal through cheramic, plastic, glass to wood!

Chrome style's ideal field of usage is when the traditional electro-galvanization and vacuum-galvanization cannot be used because of the expenses, size, conditions, base layer or environmental viewpoints.


Before first usage you will need the following:

Oil-less air compressor, air-dryer, oil-filter, spraygun, super clean water.


1/  Mixture ratio:

Chrome chemical:

Silver CH1-CH2 chemical mix ratio:         CH1 : CH2 :  Clean water = 1 : 1 : 18

Twin chemical mix ratio:                           Twin :            Clean water = 1 : 19

AK chemical mix ratio:                              AK :               Clean water = 1 : 19

Stab chemical mix ratio:                           Stab :             Clean water  =1 : 19


2/ Concentration release procedure

AK agent:   AK+super clean water= 1:19

ration: AK agent: 1:19 super clean water

100 ml AK : 1900 ml purified water

The mixing tank should be PP or PE based and need to be cleaned with super clean water before mixing. 

The AK agent should be left standing before mixing for 3-4 hours, before usage. This depends on the temperature. If you spray it on items, little droplets appear, then you didn't leave it standing long enough, or the deep-base is too dry. Especially the PU base can be very dry, the surfice tension can be hard to adjust. WARNING: The AK agent needs to be left standing after mixing for 3-4 hours before using it.

In case you wish to start as soon as possible you have two choices:

1/ Put the AK mixture tank into boiling water or place the AK agent tank into an oven unit on 70-80 °C for 70 minutes.

2/ Put the AK agent tank to water and boil it. Wait till it goes under 60 °C, then you can start using it. After boiling you can fasten the cooling by putting it into cold water or into a fridge.

The AK agent is mildly irritating, do not inhale it directly or touch it. In case it reaches your skin, wash it down with plenty of water.

The AK agent only lasts for 14 days after mixture, so don't mix in too much, only as much you need for your current job.


The agent:  CH1+CH2+water = 1:1:18

The agent 1:1:18 super clean water = 100 ml CH1 : 100 ml CH2 : 1800 ml machine water

Use a PE or PP based tank. Buy super clean water.

If the material is made of CH1 and CH2 parts, first mix these two together, than mix it with water.


Twin agent: Twin+water= 1:19

Twin agent 1:19 super clean water = 100 ml Twin : 1900 ml purified water

Use a PE or PP based tank. Buy super clean water.

Stab agent: Stab+víz= 1:19

Stab agent 1:19 super clean water= 100 ml Stab: 1900 ml super clean water

Use a PE or PP based tank. Buy super clean water.

*After using the material close the bottle/tank firmly to prevent evaporation.

*After opening all chrome material please write down the date and finish the work within 6 months in order to get quality result.


Important warning:

* Do not mix in too much from the deep base material or the final surface lacque because you need to use them up in 3 hours after mixing. Only mix the amount you need.


*After using the material close the bottle/tank firmly to prevent evaporation.

*Please note that if you run out of base material or final surface paint, you can find them in local shops. Please use high brightness PU paint (similar to the clean coverage).


Please DO NOT SCRATCH the painted surface after the process and before the lacque dries completely. It usually takes seven days to dry up perfectly.


4/  How to store the chemicals, and what are their expiration dates.

Keep the chemical and the paint at a cold and dark place.

The chrome chemical concentrate has an expiration time of 2 years.

The diluted chrome chemical has an expiration time of 3 months.  The "AK" agent if diluted only has an expiration time of 14 days. So please DO NOT dilute all the chemicals at once, only as much as you need.


5/  Please finish painting in 3 hours and close the bottles/tanks containing the chemicals as soon as possible.

Chrome spraying process:


FIRST: Clean then dry the item. Delute the CH1-CH2, Twin, AK, Stab concentrate. For details please check the process above.


SECOND: Apply the mixed deep base on the surface, then dry it or leave it dry itself.


THIRD: Spray super clean water to clean the item, spray AK deluted agent to the item, until it looks smooth, and you see a thin layer on the surface without any droplets remaining. Then spray cleaned water on the surface to clean it.


FOURTH: Spray CH1-CH2 diluted agent and Twin diluted agent in the same amount from 15-20 cm distance, until the surface is covered with a mirror-bright chrome layer, then spray cleaned water to clean the surface.

FIFTH: Spray the diluted Stab agent and then spray it with cleaned water.


SIXTH: Clean it with air-gun or heat it on 50 °C for 10-15 minutes.


SEVENTH: In case you wish to add any colouring to the surface lacque or you can use the coulours from our webshop


EIGHTH: Evenly apply the lacque mixed with the Wizard Fix additive to the chrome surface (first fog it, then you can continue with the lacquing), then warm it up or leave it dry on its own.



(Please don't forget: 3-6. steppes need to be continous without any longer breaks.)



During the process, all clean water needs to be cleaned water in order to achieve the best chrome effect.

Please do not touch the surface of the material and the chrome until you have finished the process.

Please use clean air to clean the surface from oil and water after chroming.

In case you have any special need for example high UV resistance or scratch resistance then you need to use different kind of lacques in the last step.

Chrome surfaces needs to be closed by a special lacque, that results in item resistant to UV radiations, won't be rusty or yellow, it's surface is polishable, can be used for outer or inner application and will have a nice glow.



How can I control the colour depth when I apply the colours and the lacquer on the outer layer?

For example: You wish to reach a golden appearance, but sometimes you spray too much and the golden colour will be too deep. How to avoid this problem? After you finished with chroming, prepare two dose of surface lacque. My one of them with the golden colour, let the other free of colour. Spray first with the coloured one, set the sprayer-head to a high pressure, low paint amount and only reach a matt looks, spray evenly until you reach the wished colour. After this, spray the colourless lacque until it gets shiny.


The colouring product comes to market ready to use (diluted) and can be applied with a spray gun.

After finishing with chrome and after total drying we can start with colouring. Suggested: minimum 20 minutes and maximum 2 hours, then it could be dusty and dotted.

- Minimum 1-2 layers maximum 5-6 should be applied. The black colour should be 1-2 maximum.
- Every layer could result in a darkening (so you are able to make different shades)
- Between layers, keep 3-5 minutes breaks, but at least it gets matt.
- After the last layer gets matt, you can start lacquering, minimum 2 layers.
- Excessive material applying will result in flowing. If this happens, it should be washed down with the chroming.
- 100 ml product is enough for 2 squaremeters but it could depend on layers.
- Should be kept in a closed box, in cold place, protected from sunlight.
- After two months storing the material could thicken, in this case it should be diluted 10-20% with the diluted matching to the material.


Chroming process – Errors-solutions




Chrome surface not brigt, or spotted, appears contaminated.

The deep base material is not clean enough, too dusty.

Clean the base material throughly, or reapply it again.

After chroming white fogging appears.

1/  The AK agent is expirated.

2/ The base material is not dry enough.

3/  The environment or the chemical temperature is too low.

4/  Too much AK agent.

1/  Use fresh AK agent.

2/  Dry the deep base material throughly.

3/  Rise the temperature of the room or the chemical.

4/ Apply the AK agent evenly.

After applying lacque the chrome surface foggy.


1/  The humidity of the room is too high

2/  Too short drying time.

1/  Set the humidity between 50-60%

2/  Lengthen the drying time.

After chroming the colours are blueish or yellowish.

1/  CH1-CH2 agent is used too much.      

2/ The two-headed spray won't spray evenly.

1/  Lower the amount of CH1-CH2+Twin

2/  Set the dual-headed spray right.

After chroming the stickery test results in chrome coming down..

1/  You chose the wrong base material

2/  You dried the base material too much.

1/  Use the proper base material

2/  Lower the drying time.

After chroming the surface appears to be matt and not shiny.

1/ The deep base material is not dry enough.

2/  The surface base material dries on too high temperature

1/  Increase the warming of the base material

2/  Decrease the temperature of the base material

After chroming black or white spotts appear.


1. There is oil in the air.

1. Use oil filter

After chroming on concave parts black appears, especially on POLY items.

1/ The deep base is not applied evenly

2/ The chrome layer not applied evenly

1/ When the deep base material is applied, first apply them to the concave parts, then evenly the whole item

2/ When you apply the chrome layer, first spray it to the concave parts then evenly for the whole item. First the material then the chrome.

After surface base treatment, if the smooth chrome layer shows cracks, the mirror-like appearance gives a bad result.


1/  The deep base material is not dry enugh.

2/  The deep base material is not compatibile with the surface base material.

1/ Make sure it is dry enough.

2/ Use a proper mixture of diluent and starch.

You can read more about Chrome technology by clicking here>>>>>

Instructions can be downloaded in PDF format, if you click on the picture below: (simplified, detailed)


In case of any question or remark:


The chrome coverage takes four levels on almost any surface:

1. step: base layer and drying. 
2. step: Spraying: activator. 
3. step: Covering and drying. 
4. step: Upper layer and drying then the wanted colour.


Performance and storage:
The mentioned squaremeter performances are estimated data. It depends on the number of layers. The water and air temperature should be between 25 and 45°C, this way you can improve quality, efficiency and lower quantity.
Concentrated chemicals have a 6 month expiry date in a refrigeratod, shielded from light.

Mixed products good for about 1-2 days!


It is very important you collect all the waste water in a tank. These products pollute water. Don't drain it, don't pour it into the sawage. 

Safety and precautions:

Explosion hazard! Always keep the thick solution away from heat and light. Don't let it evaporate and always wash the empty bottles. Don't mix A and B products. Always keep the safety instructions and keep it away from children!

First aid:


If it gets into the eyes:
Eyelids must be pulled apart and wash the eye with plenty of water for 15 minutes.


If gets on the skin:
Wash it with water and soap.

If swallowed:
Drink 2 glass of water and vomit, then turn to doctor.


Safety data sheets: if asked,


Tips for using:
In order to avoid drops or spots:
· Always spray the item from bottom to top


· Avoid adhesives and masks (it could contamine the reaction)


· Always wash in every step thoroughly (except when applying the mosturizer)

If you are ready to try this chroming technology, order today, by clicking here>>>>>.

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If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us!

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