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18/06/2017 00:08
Usage of Wizard Fix - What makes a lacquering clean?

Wizard Fix

This is a very delicate and important step of chroming. We could say this is the part where those producers "bleed out' who think that the 2K lacquer they bought somewhere and they see as clear as water is suitable.

... unfortunately it isn't.

Thanks to careful experimenting the Wizard Fix material was born, that makes the chromed surface crystal clear after lacquering and won't be yellowish.

Usage is easy: Put 3-4 drops in 100 ml lacquer, mix it and we start lacquering.

As a first step, we should "fog it" - we pour a thin, sticky layer on the surface. We shouldn't be worried, that it will appear obscure at first, because after 10-15 minutes we can start lacquer it shiny.

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