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23/04/2017 10:52
Ecological information
  1. Ecological information.  

General description: If properly handled and used ecological problems should not occour.  

12.1.  Eco-toxicity data:

Toxicity to fish: No data. 

Toxicity to algae: No data. 

Toxicity to bacteria: No data. 

12.2.  Persistency and shelf life: No data. 

12.3.  Bioaccumulative potential: No data

12.4.  Mobility in ground: Shouldn't be allowed into the ground or into the environment.

12.5. The PBT and vPvB evaluation resulsts: PBT/vPvB evaluations were not done, because there were no need for chemical hazard evaluation or wasn't. 

12.6. Other harmful effects: Very toxic to water life, causes long-term damage.

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