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The Chrome Style is a groundbreaking venture in the usage and selling of Chrome Style (hydrochrome). We are distributors and sole manufacturers of the equipments, items, materials necessary for Chrome Style (hydrochrom) and we also hold trainings.



The Chrome Style technology (under trademark) is a patented system.

After nearly 1,5 years of intense research, developement and testing we managed to produce a 100% chrome appearing coating (do not confuse with the ones used in China and other eastern countries called Hydrochrome) that became beloved not only in Hungary but in many european countries.

The only OEM quality chrome chemical on the market that guaranteed not to get yellow outside.

Chrome Style is the first Hungarian venture that developed a water based process, that with immediate chemical reaction forms a perfectly chromed appearance on an items surface.

We are proudly manufacture and distribute all the products of Chrome Style technology that guaranteed not to get yellow with the properly used materials, and keep a reliable quality for our most demanding customers.

Among our products you can find the equipment and materials necessary for Chrome Style(hydrochrome) technology.

As a sole distributor we are present all around Europe with the Chrome Style (hydrochrome) equipments and materials. Our products are excellent quality and we base our commerce on this fact. We have many valuable experience, many technical and marketing ideas that we all use to help our Partners.

Currently our partners who work with Chrome Style technology are present in the following countries:



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