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Be our partner, regional representative!

We are looking for: Implementers from Hungary and from other european countries!

Attention! In case you register, the prices you see are for retailers and not partner prices!

 Chrome Style chroming technology is looking for partners in Hungary and on abroad as well with outstanding benefits.

Stert with us from where ventures cannot get through long years of work! We will give you all the help you need. Realize an extra income for your company, venture.

In order to reach a maximum profit as a distributor we provide the necessary conditions ready for you! We don't ask for money for the contract, partnership and trainings!

You only need to buy 1 liter Chrome Style chemical, as it is stated in the contract, but on a "Partner price"!

Take the opportunity!

For information, send your application through the form.


                           CHROME STYLE (CHROMING)


Why it is good to be our Partner?

- Partner contract is free!

- Outstanding benefits.

- Free training.

- You will appear on our site as a producing partner.

- We will send all the inquiring to our partners (according to territorial jurisdiction) for free!


Conditions of a partner contract:

- One time purchase on partner price (Chrome Style material that is good for 100 square meters)

- We expect loyality

- Correct work


You can see the TEAOR numbers needed for work if you click here>>>>>


Please, before you apply to our partner, check if the territory you wish to represent is availible. You can check it here>>>>>

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Phone numbers:

+36-70-432-7103 - Production

+36-70-364-1441 - Commerce, cases with retailers, partners




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