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Dear Partners and Distributors,
Dear Chrome Style Partners!

The Chrome Style technology (1119-Budapest, Andor utca 21/c) has a full authorization as a legal representative wishes to draw your attention to the following circumstances: 

The official trademark document filed to the Hungarian Patent Office dated 2017. Marc 04. – and attached to our current transliteration - is lengthed from the above date for another 10 years.

T r a d e m a r k - p r o t e c t i o n




The owner of the trademark is exclusively the Chrome Style technology.

According to the law about „Protection of trademarks and geographic goods markers"  1997. year XI. tv. 12.§. (1) our Partner as the owner of the trademark has the exclusive right to the „CHROME STYLE” name, to use it as trademark. As his protected right, he is elligible to act against anyone, who without his permission uses:

a) marking identical to the trademark with goods or services those are identical to the ones in the list of goods trademarked.
b) markings that can confuse the customers because they are so similar to the trademark, or the goods or services are so similar or identical to the trademark, or
c, identical or similar marking to the trademarked list of goods, or not identical nor similar to these goods, in case the trademark gets positive fame, and the trademarks usage without a good reason would hurt or unfairly use the good separation of the trademark or its good reputation.
(3) If the (2) paragraph is implemented, especially forbidden:
a) placing the trademark on goods or packaging
b) marketing, intending to sale, or storing with the intent of selling the product that holds the trademark
c) offer or give service under the trademark
d) transport the goods that hold the trademark in or out of the country 
e) use the trademark in busines mailing or advertising

According to the above the non-authorized usage of the "Chrome Style" name on equipments, used items or products, its placement or any kind of usage hurts the trademark owners interests. Our Partner is elligible to file legal civil claims towards the trademark infringers according to the law "Trademarks and geographic goods markers protection" 1997. year XI. tv. 27.§. especially:

·        can demand the judicial statement of the trademark infringement

·        can demand the stopping of the trademark infringement or the activity that threatens with that and forbid the infringer to proceed with it;

·        can demand that the infringer provide data about the goods and services involved and information about other parties involved in their production, marketing, and fulfillment and business relationshops regarding these products;

·        can demand that the infringer give him a satisfaction by statement or other proper way and in case necessary, by the expense of the infringer, the satisfaction gets publicity;

·        can demand the profit acquired by the trademark infringement;

·        can demand the seizeure of equipment and materials used for solely of trademark infringement, as well as the materials, packaging affected, and to give these to specific people, removing these from commercial traffic, and destruction.

In case of trademark infringement the owner of the trademark is elligible for the claims of damages according to the civil laws.

Besides the above mentioned instructions, we would like to state that the Chrome Style has base and reasonable interest in any marketing activity related to "Chrome Style" trademark, so the ones advertising the trademark should not do this activity in any way deceptive or in a way it could hurt the rights of the trademark owner.
Any venture, equipment...etc. that uses the "Chrome Style" name without the permission of Chrome Style technology could deceive or influence all those people whom the advertising aims to, so we wish to tell all who is concerned to avoid deceiving advertisement, in other case according to the law "The basic conditions and some limitations of economic advertising activity" 2008. year XLVIII. tv. the Chrome Style will file complaints against the offending at the competent Government Office National Consumer Protection Authority.

According to the trademark protection, our Partner logically contributes to the usage of the mentioned trademark connecting to the goods - equipments, machiner, other products - that use the "Chrome Style" brand or brought into commercial traffic with "Chemical chrome" name, or brought into commerce with its specific contribution in the European Economical Area, or in cases the user signed a Trademark-license contract.


In all case anyone uses the "Chrome Style" marking from an unknown or unchecked by the trademark owner it will start a legal procedure, so we suggest to be cautious during acquisition.

Further usage of the trademark and to avoid unwanted legal consequences, standings and suggestions, operations can be found in the attachment to our current publication.

We sincerely hope that with this thorought legal statement we were able to contribute to the success of your business.

Budapest, 2017. March 04.

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